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Aromatherapy Spray, Purification Spray 4oz

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*Purification Spray* (4oz) $30

Purifying Spray contains essential oils of White Sage, Frankincense, Patchouli and Rosemary. These oils enhance the purifying and clarifying, sanctifying, and refreshing to spray. Purifies and recharges any environments where there is stagnant or stuck energy.

No harsh alcohol for skin since we use vodka.

Great for gift as well.

* This product is made to order, so it takes a few days to ship.

浄化スプレー - ホワイト セージ、フランキンセンス、パチョリ、ローズマリーのエッセンシャル オイルが含まれています。 これらのオイルは、浄化する力がパワフルです。「停滞した」エネルギーがある環境を浄化し、元気を与えます。




Ingredients: Water, Vodka, White Sage Essential oil, Frankincense Essential oil,

Patchouli Essential oil. Rosemary Essential oil, Rosemary tincture.

Caution:If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, consult a doctor before using. Do not use for small children.

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